Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Sudden Windfall - A Convention Story from Kara Nagle

Another in our series of Convention Stories!  

I went to the Salute to Supernatural convention JUST to meet Tahmoh. I am a fan of Supernatural, but the price tag for the con was one that was only feasible if I had a sudden windfall. Tahmoh was announced as a guest around my birthday, and what did I receive? A sudden windfall. The signs aligned so that I could go. I bought the tickets as a birthday gift for myself, and counted down the days to the con.

The convention itself was only so-so. I do not fit the target audience age-bracket. I turn 30 this coming October, and also have a case of resting bitch face that scares off potential friends. I tried talking with other fans, but so many were just so excited to see everyone and celebrate the fandom it was hard to get a conversation in.

I went dressed as Gadreel, but with a modification. Instead of the purple/burgundy shirt under the leather jacket and hoodie, I had a red shirt with the Tyrell logo on it. It was a salute to Tahmoh's love of Blade Runner. I, too, love that movie.

I enjoyed Tahmoh's panel, and his passion for mindfulness. I have been trying to practice mindfulness over the course of 2014, and into 2015. His encouraging words stick well. I think it was his panel that started the SPNFit hashtag, or some combination of his panel and Mark Sheppard's.

Tahmoh seems wholly engaged with his audience, and respectful, gracious, and modest. I love that. It's not to say he is not larger-than-life, because he is, but he is kind of like a big cat, I think. Graceful, full of quiet strength, but also full of so much kinetic potential.
Photo by Chris Schmelke.
Shared by Kara Nagle.

I participated in the photo ops and the autograph ops. As I was in line for the photo and auto ops I watched all the other fans get their photos with Tahmoh. He was so game for whatever was requested. I didn't ask for anything other than a standard photo. I didn't want to waste my birthday gift. He was polite, grinning from ear to ear, and absolutely lovely to interact with for the few seconds I was in the photo op.

During the autograph op, which was after the photo, he recognized me and we chatted briefly about Battlestar, since I brought a Battlestar comic book to be signed. Again, Tahmoh was fantastic. Polite, chatty, and wonderful. We wished each other a Happy New Year, and I was on my merry way.

I have been petitioning my local cons to invite Tahmoh in for an appearance. I know he is busy, and will only get busier with his level of talent. I will definitely try my darnedest to meet Tahmoh again. SFCon was too brief, but it was great. I am glad meeting Tahmoh closed out the con for me. It definitely made my weekend, and I treasure the experience.

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  1. I love your report, mine was very close to your experience.

    The autographs sessions are just too fast for me, can't find my wind to talk with him and had to settle on enjoying the panels, but what great panels!

    If only the SPN conventions weren't that expensive (and I understand renting the venues and paying appearance fees must be taxing), I'd tour around my area to see more than one but as is, I was only able to meet him twice. :-)