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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Have a question for Tahmoh? Ask it now!

If you have any questions for Tahmoh, please comment on this post and I'll try to get you an answer! I can't promise to be able to get answers for them all, but I'll do my best.

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Tahmoh Penikett,
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7th Flr - 100 West Pender St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6B 1R8

Answered Questions
  1. What has been your favorite guest role on a television series and why?
  2. Which of your roles to date has been most like you, which has been least like you, and which of those two was more challenging?
  3. Has Galactica set an impossible standard for future roles to live up to?
  4. Is there a "perfect role/project" you daydream about finding?
  5. What projects/genres would you be most interested in directing?
  6. Do you tend to play small variations on a scene each time or do you try to change it up dramatically each take? (See another take on this question here.)
  7. Who are your favorite martial arts/mma fighters?
  8. Have you seen your Helo action figure? What did you think?
  9. Do you speak any other languages?
  10. Is there a show currently on T.V. that you would love to guest star on? If so, what would you like your character to be or do?
  11. What do you like to do during down time on set? Do you stay in character? Memorize lines?
  12. Joss Whedon gave an interview and mentioned that you brought up Never Let Me Go when you heard about the premise of Dollhouse. I’ve also read somewhere that you’re an avid reader. Do you find that books are valuable tools in helping gain insight and understanding into a particular emotion, story arc, or character? If so, were there any books that really resonated with you while filming BSG?
  13. Do you know when next year Riverworld will premiere? Can you tell
    us anything about filming? What was most exciting about the role?
  14. What are your favorite runs [at Whistler/Blackcomb] and any recommendations on things to try for my next visit?
  15. What songs are on your iPod? Do you have any favorite music you listen to while on set?
  16. Where do you see yourself in five years? Also, what is your biggest personal goal?
  17. How did the acting process differ from BSG to Dollhouse, and how did you approach the differences?
  18. Was Paul an easy character for you to play, or a difficult one?
  19. Who were your favorite actors to work with on Dollhouse?


  1. I'd like to know what Tahmoh thought about Japan, and where he went.

  2. Many actors use their celebrity to raise awareness for their favorite social causes and charities. What issues are particularly close to your heart and what would you like to see accomplished?

  3. If you were not able to act, what other profession would you pursue and why?

  4. Have you had a better time working in Vancouver or LA, and why?

  5. In the episode "Torn" of BSG and in the movie "Trapped Ashes" your characters are playing chess (or a chess-like game). Do you play in real life?

  6. hey I know this is really random...but that red jacket you wore when you played Darius in "Need for Speed - Carbon"...what kind of jacket is that??? thnx.

  7. ok, I have a list now...:)

    - Is there a chance you'll be playing in some comedy and would you like to?

    - How are you at taking criticism on the behalf of your acting and who's criticism you most appreciate?

    - Fan question: what's your favourite kind of music?

    - You gave away a lot of hints about season 4 of BSG in your interview in Starburst magazine.
    Could you tell us also are all of those scenes you mentioned happening in the beginning or at the end!! of the season.

  8. Did you ever have a "Oh wow, I'm a celebrity now!" moment, and if so, what were the circumstances?

    What expensive and/or frivolous purchase did you make with your first large paycheck from acting?

    You seem to be really accessible to your fans, with all the interviews and appearances you make (and we definitely appreciate it). What's your reasoning behind this?

    If you could have written and/or directed an episode of BSG, what storyline would you have liked to work on (either an actual episode or an original idea)?

  9. Hi Tahmoh, here are a few questions for ya!

    1)I think I read somewhere that you like martial arts and mma. I'm a fan too and was wondering if you were a fan of any particular fighter or fighting style.
    2)What is your favorite book and why.
    3)You seem athletic, do you have any favorite sports teams?

    Thanks! Love ya and take care!

  10. Hi Tahmoh -
    My question for you is looking back over the last 5 years of Battlestar Galactica, what is or has been the biggest challenge that Helo & Sharon have had to over come?

    Lots of Love & Thanks :)

  11. Do you have a middle name or any nicknames? If so, what are they?

  12. Who's your favorite superhero? Also, what superhero power would you most like to have?

  13. Tahmoh seems so well read. I envy this in any individual, but what makes him so hungry for reading? Fiction, non-fiction, Sci-fi, horror or based on true stories: which genre strikes his fancy the most?

  14. I would like to know if Tahmoh has ever been in Spain and if he would like to come :D

    Also, I would like to know what Michael Trucco told Tahmoh when he knew he would be working with Eliza (cause Michael T worked in Tru Calling with her) and if he has a good or a bad experience then.

    And lastly, how is working with Amy Acker.


  15. If you were stranded on a desert island, and could bring the complete works of one musical artist, who's would you bring?

  16. Hi. I was recently at the Seattle ComiCon, but didn't get a chance to ask my question as there were too many people. Great panel, by the way, very funny.
    My question was, what do you think of Vancouver, BC? I am thinking of moving there from Seattle for grad school, but I don't know much about it and don't know anyone there. What do you think of it, maybe compared to Montreal (my other grad school location choice). Any areas/cafes you'd recommend?
    Thanks so much!

    Tess from Seattle

  17. Tahmoh,

    My wonderful friend went to the Convention in Seattle last weekend & came back with an incredible surprise for me, a personalized picture of you. He said he caught you at the table having lunch & told you about our little group that watched BSG every week together. He told you the women fought over Helo or Apollo & which was the best. Well obviously you were not to outdone by Jamie, who personalized a picture the year before for our other friend. All I can say is thank you very much. I have the greatest friends & you are now a part of the group. I am always impressed when people with as much going on in their lives as you all do, take the time to really listen to your fan base and can laugh at our stories.
    Thank you again,
    Andrea from Vancouver USA

  18. Hello Tahmoh!
    Last weekend I went to the FEDCON in Bonn. There were some great panels and I had a lot of fun. Now my question is: On several panels the actors were talking about free time. meaning the time between shootings. I never actually realized how long that time is. I suppose its bad if you do have a regular appearance in a series. But i bet its a lot worse if you don't. So what are you doing with your "time in between"? And how long is it? Between dollhouse an Galactica its been 2 or 3 month, but what about the time since dollhouse was finished? I have experiencing some time without work too and it scared the s... out of me. I like to sit on the computer and try different things and look around on the internet, but that won't work for the whole time. I read about the riverworld casting and I do hope the filming works out well. I hope to see it over here (germany) but as it is a tv production I probably won't. Hope to see you on the FEDCON sometime. Have a nice time and good luck.

  19. Hey,

    Well first off, Happy Birthday!!! Do you do anything special on your birthday? What is the most memorable birthday you ever had? Also, since you were born today it makes you a Taurus, do you think this zodiac sign accurately describes you? (ex. loyal, stubborn and materialistic) Thanks and take care!

  20. Hey, Tahmoh. I am seriously blushing right now. I have been a fan of yours since the BSG pilot. I was happy to see that you were cast for Dollhouse. My question is are you going to stay in television or are you looking into major motion picture projects in the future.

    Thanks so much.

  21. Hey Tahmoh have to say big fan of your work esspecially in BSG and Dollhouse, I have a question for you if you dont mind, how and what do you do to stay in shape? I have been trying everything with little or no result if you could give me a few pointers that would be great.

    Thanks for your help.

  22. Hey Tahmoh! Its really sad that Dollhouse got cancelled. But Life goes on. Unfortunately I didn't watch any episode, only parts of it (Its not on TV (yet) in germany.) Is there anything you are working on or plan to work on in the near future?
    Keep up the good work and chin up!

  23. Do you know when you might be answering some regular mail? I know life is crazy busy for you. Just curious.

  24. Greetings,

    My friends and I play the BSG boardgame, which is surprisingly good considering it is based off of a TV show. It's my favorite board game now, I never thought Risk would be usurped. In any case, my friends and I got into a discussion of what it would be like if the cast members of BSG ever got together and played it - if they would play the characters they acted in the series or what their play styles would be like. I was wondering if Tahmoh has every played the Battlestar Galactica Boardgame and if he enjoyed it, and if so, who his favorite character to play is.

    Best Regards,


  25. Hi Tahmoh! I have a couple questions:

    1.) Are you a fan of Ernest Hemingway's writing? Or Jeff Lindsay? If so, which works are your favorites? (I'll tell why I'm asking when you answer :)

    2.) How did you feel about Helo's end in BSG? He was my favorite character, he always did the right thing, and was just such a great guy. Were you satisfied with how his character endded up? Or was there something else you had in mind for him or his family?

    Thanks!! Oh by the way, happy very belated birthday! Just found out we share the same birthday :)


  26. Blessings Tahmoh!

    I saw an interview where you talked about your mother, grandmother and First Nation. Is there a book, documentary or a web-page you could direct me to so that I may learn more of the culture/history of First Nation? Thanks


  27. Hello Tahmoh!

    Is there was a chance you could go to the Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse/Firefly convention in LA, November 19-20, 20011?

    Also, Do you have any animals? If so, what are they..

    Thank you for your time,
    Jena Marie

  28. Afternoon Sir/Ma'am,

    I am curious to know if Mr. Penikett has ever pursued writing? As a hobby, or maybe a way to broaden his horizons? For someone who loves the written word as much as he professes surely he would love to contribute to the human race literary works. Just food for thought.

  29. Here are a couple questions for Tahmoh:

    - If you could live anywhere in the world aside from Vancouver, CA, where would it be?

    - What is your favorite food?

    - Who are your role-models in life?

    And another question reading the latest Q&A: do you speak Upper Tanana?

  30. Forgot to ask: are you familiar with Frank Herbert and Douglas Adams? If yes, what is your take on their work?

  31. I have followed your career for years. You are a very talented actor. Why haven't you considered doing romantic roles which cast you as a heartthob? You clearly have the looks and any top actress would want to headline with you in this type of role. It would really catapault you into the next level as an actor and star.

  32. Have a "Last Supper" poster that I'm trying to get signed by all the actors. What will Tahmoh's availability be at next Friday's Galactibash in Seattle? It's been brutal trying to get the poster signed, as most of the main characters from the show very rarely make it up here. Please advise. Thanks.

  33. @Anonymous regarding Last Supper Poster: Tahmoh says he's still planning to attend, unless he books work this week. However, he's not sure of his schedule yet, so he doesn't know if there will be time for signing. Lisa (admin)

  34. I tried to watch "Tahmoh on BSG set talks about season 3" or something like that but the link leads nowhere, are those interviews gone forever?

  35. Hey Tamoh, i´d like to know from where you got the awesome jacket in NFSC! Hopefully you will answer me :)

  36. Hi Tahmoh, just wondering if you will be comeing back to Australia to any more Supanova events?? Tks Linda xo :)

  37. Has he ever tried to get a role on Game of Thrones? After watching him on Supernatural, I immediately thought he would be an awesome to have a role on that one.

  38. Hi Tahmoh, I would like to know, in all the work you have done, has there ever been a fellow cast member that you haven't gotten along with.