Thursday, March 03, 2016

Further clarification

To clarify the above tweet sent out yesterday (or earlier, depending on where you are), there's been a Twitter user who's been blocked for over 2 years now because of her abusive and defamatory language. She continues to change Twitter handles after being blocked by Tahmoh and reported to Twitter. Her abusive comments also continue, and lately has escalated.

Unfortunately, some people engage with her, which only encourages her more. Tahmoh has never engaged with her, but has been kept informed of her comments and is also now aware of her increasingly delusional and malicious statements. Again, any contact with her only encourages her more. Please refrain from doing so until this is handled by the proper authorities.

Thank you all for all your support. I know Tahmoh certainly appreciates it. If she starts to tweet you, please just immediately block and report her.


  1. How can I find her name to see if she's on my Facebook and Twitter friend? What's her initials or give me her full name. Thank you! Tahmoh nis very nice person and actor.

  2. It would be helpful if you guys would stop antagonizing her. Nathalie and her little posse take joy in bullying her, knowing it sets her off and makes her act out even more. This latest outburst is more than enough for Tahmoh and even his father to get a restraining order that can require her to close her social media accounts and prevent her from mentioning Tahmoh online for threat of incarceration. Let the system work, people. You are making it, and her, worse just for your own entertainment.

    When you see her talking to people, why don't you follow them and send them a DM. Keeping it backchannel keeps it off her radar. When the people she's talking to quietly disappear, she has no where to spend her vitriol. Decent human beings do not antagonize the mentally ill.

    You guys need to get clear on this. You. Can't. Stop. Her. You can't control her. If anything, you make it worse for Tahmoh. It's time to involve the law and let them handle it. Tahmoh is not the first, nor last, celebrity to have a stalker. They know what to do and how to handle her. Let them. For Tahmoh's sake more than anyone else's.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Alice. That's what we've been trying to do the last two years, but it's very hard to convince some people that she's mentally ill and to stop antagonising her. Tahmoh has always been clear that he's blocked her from the start, and we've done similarly from the fan account.

    And for the record, no one who runs this fan site have ever engaged with her. We've been respecting Tahmoh's wishes to block and not engage right from the start.

  4. Thanks, Bertha. I'm so glad to hear that Tahmoh's fan site is not participating in the abusive treatment of this person. There's every indication that Tahmoh is a man that values kindness and compassion. I feel very confident that if he knew what some of these women were up to, he would not be following them. The fake profiles they use to keep it off his radar just proves that they know they are in the wrong, and should be ashamed of themselves. Sadly, they aren't.

    I spoke to someone last night that confirmed that a police report has been filed about her behavior. As that progresses and her walls start crumbling in, we can expect her to lash out. She's built a pretty elaborate fantasy world and as she becomes forced to acknowledge that it isn't real, she's going to get very, very angry. It will be best to ignore her and let it play out to the natural conclusion. It will get uglier before it gets better, but hopefully, it will be a short transition.

    Remember people, she's not just crazy. She's sad and desperately lonely. She has nothing, and no one. It's unlikely she's ever been loved or part of a loving friendship that's lasted. She found a beautiful man and she made a wish. Who wouldn't wish for someone like Tahmoh in their lives? I'd give my eye teeth for a man of his caliber. Unfortunately for her, a broken part of her brain took that wish and built a story around it. Now she thinks that story is real. This transition is going to be harsh for her and the least his fans could do is let her make that transition without causing her further pain.

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  6. Bertha... if we wanted to share news via you and your blog, how to get in touch?