Monday, March 14, 2005

Ron Moore at Grand Slam

According to a con review by yukailin at, Moore offered some insights into the current season of Galactica and hints about the next. He had this to say about Tahmoh and the Caprica storyline:

Ron also said we would know by the end of the season that the Caprica story really is going somewhere, and the whole reason for it is that they thought Tahmoh was such a great actor that it was a shame Helo was dead. Ron suddenly thought, what if Helo isn't dead, and we showed him surviving and running, and then maybe being captured, and then what's to keep another Sharon from meeting up with him. From that point on, he was able to use the Caprica story to sort of demonstrate an important part of Cylon psychology. In fact, with Sharon, Six and Doral, you get to see a lot of different reactions to the situation. And he feels it's really showing a primal need of the Cylons.

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