Saturday, March 26, 2005

Say 'Helo' (Comical Q&A with Ron Moore)

In another shameless misuse of academic resources, I came across this article in the "Arts" section of The Toronto Star (January 15, 2005), p. H06. The article is no longer online, so I've posted it below.
After watching the pilot to Battlestar Galactica, some Very Stupid Questions came to mind. Executive producer Ronald Moore was kind enough to answer them:

Q: Why is it always raining in the future?

A: The future is depressing, man! It's a dark time. And when it's a dark time it rains a lot.
Q: Why is there always a hot blonde in science fiction?
A: I think it's Asimov's First Law of Television Exploitation.
Q: Why do the humans in Battlestar Galactica use analog wall clocks? Shouldn't everything be digital?
A: There's a feel of retro-technology all through Galactica. And I hate digital clocks.
Q: Why do the Cylons attack every 33 minutes? Do they have some sort of master plan involving pizza delivery?
A: They are far beyond pizza delivery. They are into tofu.
Q: Since the Cylons are now capable of creating the perfect woman, shouldn't they be allowed to rule the universe?
A: Actually, yes. And they probably will succeed.
Q: In one scene, somebody is eating with chopsticks. Why are humans still using ancient utensils in the future?
A: Why are we still using clocks? We use a lot of old stuff that we're just familiar with. Every supermarket in the country has an electronic door. But I don't know a single residence with one.
Q: The call sign for one dude, Karl C. Agathon, is "Helo." Doesn't this raise the possibility that other humans may get confused and think he's just saying hi when he makes emergency contact?
A: "Helo. Hello? Helo! Hello? NO, HELO!" It's just for that sort of comedy that I invented that call sign. It gives the show a Pythonesque kind of feel.
Q: Why did the Cylons base the design of Number 6 on a Canadian supermodel?
A: There was probably a better exchange rate.
Q: Since the Cylons are made from metal, why don't the humans just construct a supermagnet and end all this silly fighting?
A: Ah, now you're getting into Season 2!
Q: Is it possible that this is all a dream?
A: Yes. And I'm hoping I don't wake up before my next paycheque.
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