Wednesday, March 16, 2005

See what Helo might see in Sharon...

Or whatever justification you care to use. For those interested, there's a rather racy, though fun video of Grace Park on the set of her Maxim shoot. Click on "Cosmic Girl: Grace Park."

Queen of the jungle:
"I had to do this one sex scene for Battlestar that wasn’t a bedroom scene. It was outside in a forest under a lightning-and-thunder shower. I was like, 'So you want some crazy forest sex? OK, I gotcha.' In the end, they had to totally edit it down and take out all my moaning."
Though actually, I think the US version kept the scene. Not sure about the moaning.

All of which raises the question: why is she called Boomer?


  1. Tahmoh Penikett is the scheduled guest on next Wed at 6pm PST. Might want to log into chat there and ask. His answer might be fun to hear...

  2. That scene is definitely more "racy" in the US version than the UK version. So perhaps her quote was in regards to the UK version. Or maybe there was just a lot more that ended up cut for both versions.