Sunday, April 10, 2005

Grace Park (Boomer) on her background and BSG

Thanks to oneko_briar for typing up an interview with Grace Park in Asia, The Journal of Culture & Commerce. The article, In TV: Grace Park, touches on her background, double role and her steamy scene with Tahmoh:

One rite of passage for any beautiful actress is the steamy love scene. Park's first as one of the two Boomer characters she plays involved more than just a little skin; in the heat of passion her spine glowed red, revealing to viewers the character's more than human nature. 'It's funny because my parents record every single episode and they watch it at my aunt and uncle's house. They all watch it together, and that was the one episode they missed, so I was spared,' says Park. 'My uncle saw it, but he's French Canadian so he's quite liberal about it. He just ribs me a little bit, and the Korean community didn't seem to say much about it.'
I wonder what Tahmoh's family thinks. Heh.

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