Saturday, April 23, 2005

Helo Humor: "Bastille Day" Recap

Helo brings the pretty. Strega at TWOP brings the funny. It's an admirable mix. (We're going to forget about the rats.)

Riot In Spaceship 11
Bastille Day - While Apollo tries to find a diplomatic solution to a prison riot, Strega comes up with several theories to explain the Cylon attack. And makes an inexcusable pun.

Caprica. A caption helpfully informs us that it's been twelve days since the attack. Helo and Boomer have reached a deserted city. Or "the" deserted city. I'm unclear. Helo shouts for help until Boomer asks him to hush up. Helo says, "Feel like I'm in a movie," heh. 28 Days Later... does leap to mind. If this show had zombies, it would be perfect. Well, and pirates. Boomer rather dopily wonders where everyone is, and Helo suggests, "Some are dead." The captions read, "Somewhere dead," which is a much funnier answer, but I don't think that's what he actually said. Helo figures that those who survived long enough to flee did. And died somewhere else.
Unfortunately that's about it as far as Helo moments go (remember we're ignoring the rodents). So instead we'll have to ponder the strange tension between Laura and Lee in that last scene... or whatever floats your boat/spaceship.

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