Saturday, April 16, 2005

Poll Results: Helo's Romantic Future

After watching "Water" again, I have to say Helo was ALREADY putting the moves on Boomer (not that she was exactly resisting). So it seems appropriate that she won the most recent poll here, "Who should Helo hook up with in Season 2?" With more than a hundred votes in, Capricia Boomer comes out the clear winner (the fact they're already together on the show probably helped her out).

Starbuck had a decent showing as did, it should be pointed out, Apollo. Now I obviously had contemplated the idea before, but I didn't expect quite so many of you to share in my daydreams. I didn't think there were quite so many slash fans out there... but they are both very pretty....

Now that'd be unusual plot twist... heh.

For those of you who are more visually oriented:

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