Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ron Moore Production Update and Q & A

Moore has posted a new entry in his Battlestar blog, answering fan questions and updating us on the progress of Season 2:

We've almost completed shooting the opening of Season Two, with Michael Rymer back at the helm filming a two-parter written by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson called "Scattered" and "Valley of Darkness." Things have been going well so far, with a good mood on the set and a feeling of satisfaction and pride running through the whole team at their accomplishments in year one and anticipation for year two. I'm in Los Angeles at the moment, but I'm shuttling back and forth between here and there once again.
If you read between the lines, there are some Helo spoilers there... In general though it's fairly spoiler-free.

I think this blog entry is seriously back-dated because I could have sworn it wasn't posted last night when I was at the sci-fi site... but I digress.

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