Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tricia Helfer on modeling, acting and BSG

Number 6 kissed Helo and has contributed to some cool Caprica moments, so I thought she merited mentioning. Plus I think Tricia Helfer's hot and doing a fantastic job as Number 6. But enough with the justifications and on with the content...

Chauncé Hayden recently interviewed Tricia Helfer for the cover article of Steppin' out magazine. (You can see the cover if you follow that link)

Tricia Helfer: She's Out Of This World!

In episode 7, your character seems to have the hots for Edward James Olmos' character. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Edward James Olmos seems like a very serious guy to be around.

(Laughs) Eddy is very intense and serious. But he's great! I'll admit that I was petrified when I first met him. He's very intimidating. I was actually scared of him. But by the time I had a scene with him, I knew him as Eddy. Before that he was always Edward James Olmos. Now we can sit down and laugh and I think he's a great guy and a wonderful, warm person.

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