Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Born-Again Battlestar"

Ok, so this article by Ellen Leventry is only tangentially related to Helo/Tahmoh, but it's really interesting. It discusses the role religion(s) play in BSG and has quite a few quotes from Ron Moore.

Born-Again 'Battlestar'
Drawing from Mormonism, Roman polytheism, and even Buddhism, the reimagined sci-fi TV series is steeped in religion.

“The Cylons in the show focus on the soul; they firmly believe that they have a soul. …Human beings have souls given by the gods, and Cylons have a soul given by their one true god and that has to be just as valid,” says Moore.
As Helo and Boomer's baby seems to be at the center of the cylon belief structure, I'd say it has some pretty real effects on Helo's life.

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