Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New BSG Season 2 Spoilers?

I added the question mark because I'm not sure about the validity of the source. However, most of what's said does seem in keeping with what we've heard from other sources.

With that disclaimer in mind, some more spoiler tidbits have been posted over in the BSG forum on ezboard.

Read at your own risk.

For your ease of viewing I've also added them as comments to this post.


  1. 1. We will see a lot more of the Chrome Toasters fightingt the Colonials; hand to hand.

    2. If you think Kara got hammered in Season I, she really gets pounded in Season II's openers.

    3. Zarek comes back to bite everybody in the ass.

    4. There is a big question about what happens to Caprica Sharon.

    5. Gunshot wounds seem to be well within the Colonials' ability to treat.

    6. Listening to last season's critics, the writers try to "fix" the Wuss [Apollo?].

  2. 1. President Fruitloop [Roslin] will be very busy with her white eraser board.

    2. Kobol and Caprica promise to be bloody shambles.

    3. As is the Viper Coop [?] itself.

    4. Grace Park gets to join Tricia Helfer in the South Park(You bastards! You killed Kenny!) pool. [?]

    5. By episode 5 there will be unhappy Colonials and Cylons, all over the place.

    6. The only happy person will be that bastard, Zachary/ Gaius.

  3. 1. Tom Zarek is a semi-regular.

    2. Bio-cylons are like digger-wasps.

    3. Laura goes to Kobol.

    4. Crashdown and a lot of his party will meet bad ends.

    5. Other Colonials in space survived the Cylon attack.

    6. And based on 5 GALACTICA meets them.