Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Photos of Tahmoh from Stargate SG-1

Thanks to Amsie (shadowserenity) over at LiveJournal for pointing me to these photos of Tahmoh on "Stargate SG-1" over at the Abydos Gate Database. She also helpfully explained Tahmoh's role:

"Tahmoh played the role of Third, one of the six human Replicators (a race of machines). At the conclusion of “Unnatural Selection”, Third and the others are frozen in time by SG-1 and an Asgard time dilation device."
Awh. Poor Tahmoh frozen in time. Equally tragic, he seems to have had only one line: "THIRD: We are composed of millions of cell units. Microscopic in comparison that combine to create this form." Oh, what a line.

Here's MGM's description of the episode, "Unnatural Selection":
Story by : Robert C. Cooper, Brad Wright
Directed by: Andy Mikita
Episode Number: 612
Guest Stars: Ian Buchanan as First, Patrick Currie as Fifth, Kristina Copeland as Second, Tahmoh Penikett as Third, Rebecca Robbins as Fourth, Shannon Powell as Sixth, and Gary Jones as Technician

Synopsis : After rescuing SG-1 , the Asgard leader Thor asks SG-1 help fight the Replicators that have overrun his homeworld. The Replicators, spider-like robots that have the ability to think and evolve, consume everything in their path with an instinctive thirst for the knowledge and experience of those they devour. Thor explains that the Asgard lured millions of the creatures to the planet in an attempt to slow their evolution with a time dilator. Instead the Replicators used the device to speed up time, allowing them to evolve at an astonishing rate. SG-1 finds the planet paved in a layer of metal replicator bricks miles thick. Five humans confront the team and order Carter to stop tinkering with the time dilator. When she refuses, the humans reveal that they are actually Replicators that have used nano-technology to take on human appearance.
Watch a preview here. (Tahmoh's not in it though).

Having never seen the show, I have to admit the description doesn't do alot for me, but the pictures are pretty:

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