Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Spoilers for eps 6/7 of BSG Season 2

Spacen over at the Pegasus Galaxy Forums has posted extensive spoilers for Galactica's sixth episode:

206 - Home: Part I
Some interesting Helo revelations included, though I grow very concerned that Helo will not figure as prominently in Season 2.

Thanks to Sci-fi and Spacen for the heads up!

I've added the Helo relevant bits as a comment to the post, but for context go visit the Pegasus Galaxy site.

UPDATE: The Battlestar Wiki has posted a short description of ep. 7, "Home, Part II" which, um, continues Part I.

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  1. Helo et al. make it back to the fleet...

    Later we see Apollo, Laura, Starbuck, Helo, and Sharon on a planet's surface. It's not immediately clear which planet they are on but earlier statements suggest it's Kobol. Sharon has two guards and is cuffed. Out of no where, Cylon Centurions attack killing one of the guards and causing everyone else to run.