Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Scattered" Reactions

The episode went by so quickly, especially the time on Caprica. I learned from Moore's podcast that there is in fact another scene on Caprica, but it got moved to "Valley of Darkness" for reasons of time.

Protective!Helo wasn't too surprising, but the long history between Kara and "Karl" was a bit. Starbuck called Helo, "Karl." I swear it's the first time his first name has been used on the show. Kara also implied that Helo's been in love with Boomer for a long while...

I've added a new poll at right for people to weigh in on how they feel about Helo's behavior in the ep.

I wonder if Boomer took off in order to distract the other cylons? Otherwise I don't see why she stole the ship after sticking with Helo for so long.

Thanks to Northern Lights for the cap!

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I warn you that if you go read the "Scattered" ep description over at it reflects a different version of the script or perhaps the events of "Valley of Darkness."