Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tahmoh featured in TVGuide's new BSG Launchpad

Helo appears in TVGuide's review of the BSG cast and their roles on the show in advance of the Season 2 season premiere. The picture isn't fabulous, but then Sci-fi overlooked Tahmoh in the Season 2 promo pics, so it's fantastic TVGuide still included him.

Why we love him: He gave Baltar his seat on the last ship out, allowing Baltar to make it to the Galactica (hey, he didn't know). Then he managed to survive alone on Caprica without losing his mind, even after Boomer, whom he loves, was revealed to be a Cylon.

Where we left him: Helo found Starbuck on Caprica just after she was nearly killed in her battle with the Number Six model.
See Helo and the rest of the cast!


  1. Oy, half of me would have even prefered the swim trunks picture from Hush to the one they picked.

  2. Heh. TV Guide should've contacted us (or at least Northern Lights) for a Helo pic to use in that article. :P