Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tahmoh Stories from Burbank BSG con

So I know the con was a while ago, but I finally got caught up on the all reports. Some Tahmoh tidbits for you:

The Monkey Cabal - BSG Con Day 2

Tahmoh and Katee were filming some rather exhausting scenes under the rain towers (Pretty Helo's Rainy hell has not left us. Yay, though, dude, sucks to be Tahmoh. I'm sure he's got mildew in the most unfortunate places), and they apparently cracked a little bit and began speaking to each other in deeply hickified southern accents, firing their guns into the air, and riding around the Arrow of Apollo as though it was a toy horse. The camera crew helpfully caught it all on film.
Sam's Sister posted a long con report with photos over at the Pegasus Galaxy Forums:
[Katee Sackhoff] went on to talk about this scene where she is with Tahmoh (she called him “Tom”) Penikett (“Helo”) and there was a “moment where we’re trying to get away from the Cylons and get to this place with guns…(they had) “Scorpions” – little machine guns – super-powerful, like the one in Men in Black and I said ‘cool!’”
Tom, huh? Hmm.

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