Saturday, July 23, 2005

"Valley of Darkness" Reactions

New episode poll at right. Vote for your favorite Helo line from the ep.

Screen caps from the ep have been posted to Northern Lights.

My reaction:
Now THAT's the Galactica I remember.

Wow. Simply wow. That was really fabulous. Lots of action, but it was all about the characters.
The rest of my rambling response is behind the spoiler cut.

Loved Helo and Starbuck going over to her place. That was so chill. It accomplished almost nothing plot-wise but was all about the characters. Nice to get to see Helo sit down and relax a bit. Katee and Tahmoh were amazing in those scenes. Can you believe there were 3 of them! So much Caprica time.

And how awesome is it that Ron Moore calls the Kara/Helo apt scene one of his favorite of the series and one of his most proud achievements in the podcast?

Apparently Katee and Tahmoh did most of the painting? I'd love to have one of those.

Also the scene where Kara called Helo stupid was an extra scene that was shot later. Yah, extra Helo scenes.

Loved all the Dualla/Billy scenes. Minor character moments, but they had heart.

I still find Tyrol vaguely annoying. I think he's being slightly overplayed, but I did get all choked up over Socinus's death.

The Six/Baltar bit was very interesting. Human sacrifice huh?

And what's with the prez being impervious to bullets?

Nice they introduced a new deck crew person since they've been dropping like flies on Kobol. Or have we seen him before? Is he the ass that said "now it's every man for himself?"

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