Friday, August 12, 2005

"The Farm" on Sci-fi Tonight at 10/9c

If you want to see the um, action, that TVGuide spoiled this week and a great Helo moment, RUN don't walk over to the TVGuide site.

Watch TVGuide's Sneak Peak!

(click "watch video")

ETA: Ok, I totally think this is a clip from "Home" not "The Farm" and that TVGuide made a huge mistake, so hurry, go watch while you can!

UPDATE: TVGuide has now taken the clip down. Sorry. :(

Here's what Sci-fi says about the ep:

Adama returns to duty to find his son a fugitive; on Caprica, Kara makes a chilling discovery about the Cylon agenda.
Watch a new, Helo-filled preview here.

Ron Moore's podcast here.

TVGuide again put it on their Hot List for tonight (Spoilers):
Although Adama's return to duty aboard the Galactica should be cause for celebration, the turmoil awaiting the flinty commander might have him wishing he were still in a coma. Not only is his son's betrayal sticking in his craw, but now Apollo is conspiring against him with Roslin and Zarek. Worse, Tigh's heavy-handed attempts to impose order have provided this Gang of Three with plenty of political ammo. Back on Caprica, a wounded Starbuck is puzzled by a doctor's insistence that she can serve humanity better by bearing children than by fighting Cylons.

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  1. You might be right. RDM's "The Farm" podcast didn't mention that scene or I wasn't paying close enough attention to the end of his podcast. Guess we'll find out later tonight.