Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"Once you've gone Cylon, you'll never go back."

Some Gatecon con reports are beginning to surface. You can read one by sabaceanbabe over at Hidden Elysium (slight spoilers).

"Once you've gone Cylon, you'll never go back." - Tahmoh Penikett

Rowan over at also posted a con report (see post #49):

They were also asked where they would like to see their characters go in this next season of BSG. Paul said he would like to see his character get more power and a see Billy’s relationship with Dualla develop for obvious reasons (everyone laughed) , Aaron said he’s happy to let the writers take his character where they like. Alonso said well I’m dead …. And Elosha said episode 6 that’s all I’m saying! Tahmoh said he wants more sex with cylons he also joked about wanting a relationship with Dualla as well lol.
She also had this anecdote to share (post #25 in the thread):
Had a funny moment with him and Tahmoh (Helo). Tahmoh (who is as beautiful in real life as he is in his pictures and very sweet) and I were talking when Richard walked up and asked Tahmoh to open a can of peanuts for him then while Tahmoh was working on that Richard and I began to talk then POW! we all jumped the seal on the can when broken had emitted this huge pow sound then we all laughed and joked about how the headlines would read the next day.
I'll add more as I come across them...

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