Friday, August 12, 2005

Tahmoh Comic Con video!

If you didn't get to attend Comic-Con, you can feel as if you did and experience it yourself, thanks to Solonia, who has posted some great little Comic-Con videos and photos over at her LiveJournal.

I especially recommend the third clip which features Tahmoh trying to define Helo. It also features some whoops of appreciation by raucous fan girls.

BSG Panel Clips, pt.3

Tahmoh tries to define Helo. He and James talk about sleeping with cylons. Mary compliments the audience after saying that she'd just attended her first sci-fi convention. David Eick talks about how he can't fool us, as an audience. Ron talks about how the show evolves as it goes along rather than being planned out from the beginning. Katee talks about Starbuck's vulnerability and about shooting the scene where Starbuck and Six were fighting.
Clips, pt. 2 has some cute footage of Tahmoh laughing at Grace's joke (though I couldn't make the joke out).

See the photos and videos!

Thanks again to the gracious solonia for posting these!

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