Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tons of new high-res spoiler pics posted

You can check out around 90 new images of "Home" parts 1 & 2 and of "Final Cut" over at

There are also some behind the scenes photos, which I think are adorable.

206 - Home, Part 1
207 - Home, Part 2 (also known as "The Raid")
208 - Final Cut

Season 2: Behind the Scenes

Lots of new Helo pics! (These are the behind the scenes ones. Too cute!)

If you like spoilers, you should also check out the short synopses of the last three BSG eps before the midseason break, thanks to Now Playing Magazine:

Galactica Mid-Season Finale Synopses Released


  1. I'm new to BSG so I'm unfamiliar w/ this midseason break. When is it/how long does it last?

  2. The season is split into two 10 episode parts. The first half of the season usually starts in July and ends in September. Then the 2nd half of the season resumes in January and ends in April or May.

    While it may seem confusing and illogical not to show the entire season uninterupted, the split season allows The Sci-Fi Channel (and many other cable networks) to showcase their shows during time periods where they are not in direct competition with the major networks 1st run episodes. This also will gain new viewers/fans to the show and network (stronger Nielsen ratings).

    Hope this helps

  3. Hi there - also the UK begins viewing in the fall. The lucky ducks have a straight run through on episodes - many a time I've have to explain "sweeps" and "Hiatus" to UK friends. My point being this is a hugely popular series in the UK so discussion won't stop and there should be some fresh and interesting insights on episodes when the series starts airing on Sky in the UK.