Saturday, September 10, 2005

"Final Cut" Reactions

As "Final Cut" didn't give me much Helo action to work with, I've posted a more general, Season 2 new Helo poll at right. summary here.

Screen caps are up at Northern Lights.

My none too profound or elegantly composed reaction to the ep is behind spoiler tags, for those interested.

Well there should be more Helo coming up in the next few eps, but really this ep is virtually like "Fragged" in its lack of Helo. I saw someone write he was only onscreen for 21 seconds.

The reveal at the end was cool. In one of the 50 bajillion interviews Lawless has done for the show she mentioned she was playing it like she wanted to sleep with Adama... totally didn't see that on screen. Plus she wasn't nearly as accessorized and visually annoying as Lawless seemed to indicate she would be.

Was that Racetrack who was praying at the wall? They seemed to be building something there.

I was glad they didn't actually have D'Anna save the day. That was a relief.

Enjoyed the whole Lee in a towel bit, but didn't it seem like he was having entirely too much trouble keeping it on? I mean I'm not complaining, but I was a bit perplexed at his lack of dexterity.

Really liked Dee in this ep. Gaeta was pretty funny. It kinda played like a personal ad. Wouldn't it be fantastic if he started getting fan mail?

The ep definitely seemed to skew towards C-Sharon being a good girl. I hope they explain wtf caused the miscarriage though.

Kara punching the bag and interviewing was great I thought. I'd love to see more recruits signing up because she's so hot and heroic (or Apollo is). Her breaking up Tyrol and Kat seemed awkward though. Like Katee was just jumping in there, not like she'd actually been around. Maybe it was just the way it was blocked.

I really miss Helo being on Caprica. His part in this ep could have been played by almost anyone on the show. At least they did a bit of interview footage with him.

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