Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hush to air on Lifetime Oct.1

Tahmoh's movie, Hush, will air again this Saturday, October 1 at 9pm ET.

A woman is excited when her husband suggests that they move to the idyllic small town where he grew up. She hopes that a fresh start will lead to success for the in- vitro fertilization procedures that have failed so far. However, once they move, his vindictive ex-girlfriend becomes obsessed with him and focused on getting him back.

Starring: Tori Spelling, Tahmoh Penikett, Victoria Pratt
Read more about Hush in the Career News Archive.


  1. Oh boy! Something to watch while I'm stuck in Mass with no internet waiting to fly back home Sunday. I wonder if the hotel will have Lifetime... never thought I'd say that. lol

  2. hey justine...we've got a question over at RA, and since you are knowledgable of all things Tahmoh...

    has he, like Bamber, Douglas and Park, signed an extended contract with RDM to continue on BSG? My e-mail is not working so I am posting this here.

  3. Lifetime, don't leave home without it?

    As for Tahmoh's contract or lack thereof, I have to confess I have no secret knowledge either way. It's not come up in any interviews as far as I can recall. I wish I knew though! I obviously am rather hoping Helo makes it.