Friday, September 30, 2005

Moore's Cylons: "Just Not About Destruction"

Now Playing magazine has published the third part of its interview with Ron Moore. In the interview with Scott Collura, Moore hints at possible future Galactica storylines, discusses his openness to unusual plot ideas and temporizes about the cylon agenda.

Moore's Cylons: "Just Not About Destruction"

“Overall the Cylons are just not about destruction. They have their own civilization and their own ethos. What are they doing with the Colonies?” asks Moore, referring to the decimated human planets of the show. “They left a lot of the buildings intact; they’re cleaning up the bodies. I think they’re intent on using the Colonies for themselves. The question is for what.”
The article offers interesting insight into his thoughts about the series and is worth a read. (It's only potentially spoilery as he discusses thoughts they've had for the future, but not ones they've decided to pursue).

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