Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Pegasus" Reactions

New poll at right.

Sci-fi summary here.

Helo caps are up at Northern Lights.

Ron Moore's podcast is available for both 209 and 210.


  1. Holy. Crap.

    Is it January yet?

  2. I was surprised to see the Warning coming back from commercial, but I was in shock for what happened. This would have never aired on Network. Strong story. I hate having to wait until Jan. for the next episode!
    I would have thought the Prez would have tried to taken more authority, she should be the commander-in-chief but they've never established that hierarchy in government on BSG

  3. the only thing I thought was completely out of place was Helo's laugh in the scene on the hangar deck. Maybe Katee's scene wasn't rehearsed with Tahmoh and that was his gut reaction to it. I know it would have been mine.