Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tahmoh and Helo icons

Lots of creative souls out there make pretty Helo and Tahmoh icons, some which I thought I'd share with you. These are just a few of the ones I've come across on LiveJournal of late.

Please don't hotlink. To see the original icon post and find more icons by each artist, click on the icons below.

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8.

Please thank the artists by commenting on their LJ posts:

1. jenahna
2. un4scene
3. bluebear_74
4. realtanala
5. icon_ascension
6. shadowserenity
7. repr0b8
8. kidblink83


  1. Justine, I LOVE that someone made one for "this is my new dance"! Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. You're welcome. I love the dancing icon. :)