Monday, September 05, 2005

Tahmoh in Go-Go Boy (2002)

In the absence of real news, I thought I'd let you know what'd I'd discovered about one item on Tahmoh's filmography, Go-Go Boy. I've never seen it and could find out very little. If anyone knows more, please let me know. Here's what I have:

According to Playback, Go-Go Boy stars Gabrielle Rose and newcomers Tahmoh Penikett and Connor Widdows in a story based on a Vancouver-made superhero comic strip.

In the story, a young man develops a fetish for the superhero lifestyle while aspiring to overcome past and present vulnerabilities.
Tahmoh plays "Aaron Fitz," the titular "go-go boy." Go-Go Boy (Prelude), directed by Kenneth Sherman, was filmed in August of 2002 in Vancouver, Canada. The film is about 12 minutes long (filming only took 4 days).

In a strange BSG connection, Connor Widdows plays Boxey on Galactica.

As this article about the technology behind the film points out, "The film was feted by the local industry for its artistic merit in 2003, was intended to be both a visual treatment for a feature, and to showcase transfer technologies."

Won 4 2003 Leo Awards (British Columbia Film and Television)
Best Cinematography in a Short Drama

Best Picture Editing in a Short Drama

Best Overall Sound in a Short Drama

Best Sound Editing in a Short Drama

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