Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Chat Live with Tahmoh this Saturday

Galactica One is announcing that on October 8th, Tahmoh and Aaron Douglas will answer fan questions online:

This Saturday at around 1pm UK time there will be a live chat with AARON DOUGLAS & TAHMOH PENIKETT.
1pm UK = 8am EST

If you're up early enough you could get your questions answered!

Go here to register for the chat.

More details:
You will be able to put your questions to Aaron & Tahmoh live, but in they will be in batches. The mod will tell you when to put your questions up, you will have about 30 or 50 secs to do this, so have your question ready before hand. The mod will then put the room on hold so that Aaron & Tahmoh can scroll back over everyone’s questions and pick out the ones they want to answer. Each actor will have roughly half an hour online.

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  1. I'll meet you on AIM @ 8am with my cup of coffee and teddy bear!