Monday, October 31, 2005

Cold Squad "And the Fury" caps

With everlasting thanks again to Ide Cyan and the LJ Cold Squad Community I have some more Tahmoh pics to share.

These are from episode 98, "And the Fury", which also happens to be the last episode of the series. In the caps below you can see sparks flying between Tahmoh's character, Constable Ray Chase, and Detective Sam Walters, played by Sonja Bennett.

98. And the Fury

First aired: 6/4/2005

Harper searches desperately for his missing daughter, praying that he will find her before it is too late. Sam has the perfect suspect, an well-known surgeon, but the only witness against him is very unstable. Ray's dark side shows itself in dealing with the suspects. Ali makes the choice that will change her life forever.

See 8 more caps of these two scenes over at Northern Lights!

(Again, if anyone has recorded any Cold Squad eps from Season 7 (the ones with Tahmoh), please let me know, I'd love to see them!)


  1. ...that's Constable Ray Chase, actually. He's angling for a promotion throughout the whole season, and hoping McCormick will recommend him. (That's what both of the shower scenes are about.) Detective Sam Walters is a newbie to the Cold Squad, but she's still Ray's superior officer. :-)

  2. Oh! Oops. I was just going by what IMDB said. I'll fix it.

    Gotta love asking for a promotion while naked. Hehe. :)

    Love that she outranks him. Come to think of it, that's also true on BSG. Boomer gets to order Helo around. Heh.

  3. Ali goes to see Ray while he's in the shower in "Teen Angel" because she's pissed off at him for saying that she recommended him, when she *hadn't* (yet).

    In "And the Fury", Ray goes to see her to thank her, because by now she *has* recommended him, and they're planning on going to celebrate that later.

    There are just too many actors who have been in Cold Squad on BSG to count them all. I keep hoping they'll cast Julie Stewart, because she could boss around both Cylons and Humans from past experience. She was higher-ranked than Col. Tigh, and senior over Aaron Doral!

    Looks like Sonja Bennett will be on Stargate: Atlantis, though.

  4. *guh*


    I love sideburns. Did I mention I love sideburns?

  5. *headdesk*

    She's just looking at the sideburns. She's so fired.

  6. Hey! Fired from what? It's sideburns man!

  7. He's so hot. I'd stick my cock in him