Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Galactica One con reports and pictures

Sakara75 wrote up a fun recap of the weekend over in her livejournal. Read the whole report here.

Tahmoh Penikett (Helo) - OOOph was this man hot!...i mean arm porn or what. But also a really lovely guy and as funny as hell too, though in a much dryer way.

Tahmoh ... defended Helo from being called nice but dim and told us about his worst commercial audition which involved dancing around a Goodyear tire to "Eye of the Tiger"!

Aaron and Sam were doing some good humoured heckling at the back and Tahmoh decided to get them on stage and Aaron said it would be fun to re-enact some scenes from a script he had only they'd play other characters. So first Sam and Tahmoh played Tigh and Adama...then they did Baltar and Six!!! Tahmoh totally hamming it up as Six!
She also had this picture of Tahmoh to share:

Maiel Alcinoe also attended and shared these pictures:

Many more are available over at Northern Lights!

Thanks to Sakara and Maiel Alcinoe!

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  1. he always looks like he is singing *giggles*