Thursday, October 06, 2005

New Spoilery Interviews with Moore and Bamber

Kristin from E!Online has posted the transcripts of her two interviews with Ron Moore and Jamie Bamber. She asked them questions submitted by fans with some really interesting results. The interviews are very spoilery, however, so beware.

Battlestar Q&A with Jamie Bamber

Question: Which Battlestar actor makes you laugh the most on set?

Jamie: We have practical jokers, but who makes me laugh the most? I would say James Callis, but I don’t get to do stuff with him very much. Otherwise Katee and I have a lot of fun, and Tahmoh too. Tahmoh Penikett is a great laugh to work with on set.
Battlestar Q&A with Ron Moore
Question: When will there be a confirmation that Battlestar Galactica was picked up for a season three?

Ron: We’re having general conversations about it. The network hasn’t made it a formal pickup. I’d say the indications look good. But they don’t have to pull the trigger on it for a few more months. It’s just the way networks work, they will probably not do it until they have to. February or March.

I’m optimistic. I’ve been optimistic since we did the miniseries that we’d get picked up and I feel that we’re going to get picked up.

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  1. Oh fantastic! Those articles contain some very good information. :)