Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ron Moore and David Eick update their blogs

So both Moore and Eick updated their blogs over at this past week.

[Ron Moore] Blog: The Return

"I've found it interesting that there's a school of thought out there which claims that Laura should've been completely sidelined from the very beginning, that Adama should've declared martial law from the outset and ignored civilian government altogether. It probably says something about me that I found that very notion to be antithetical to the underpinnings of a decent and democratic society, and I remember the very conscious choice I made in the early stages of this project that while Colonial society was going to be flawed and riddled with problems, that at its base, it was going to be a fundamentally decent and democratic one. It was not going to toss its principles over the side in a time of crisis. It was not going to turn itself into a security-above-all state. There were certain things that mattered more than survival, certain things that mattered more than safety."
Eick's new video blog on visual effects in "Pegasus" wasn't terribly interesting, but here's the link:

10: Tech on the Set of Episode 10
"So Say We All: The Visual Effects of Battlestar Galactica" is a much more interesting article by Noah Kadner on the show's visual effects. I didn't understand all the tech talk, but it has alot of interesting behind-the-scenes details and some cool effects shots.

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