Monday, October 24, 2005

Tahmoh now a "Jedi Master Chef"

While at Galactica One, Tahmoh earned the rank of "Jedi Master Chef," resulting in fairly hilarious photos. If you're wondering what a Jedi Chef is I recommend you visit their webpage.

Tahmoh is apparently "Jedi Master Chef 44" according to their listing of celebrity chefs (who include Jamie Bamber, Aaron Douglas, Sam Witwer and a bunch of Firefly and Stargate folks).

Here's his official photo and a fun group shot with Witwer, Bennett and Douglas:


  1. very cool, Justine. BTW, you might want to update the info on the left side of your site where it says the date for the next episode of BSG. It is no longer Nov. 4. They've removed it from the schedule until January.

  2. Thanks!

    I didn't realize that Sci-fi had decided not to continue to rerun the series. Thanks for letting me know. It's rather disappointing. :(

  3. You're telling me! I've been taping them back to back with no commercials, and now I have to wait until they start again!? I sent an email to and suggested that at least they need to give us a marathon, since they're so big on doing that with Stargate all the time and everything...:(