Thursday, November 03, 2005

New poll posted & last week's results

After the plot-specific polls of past weeks, a shiny new fantasy or alternate universe poll is up.

"If Helo wasn't with Boomer, who would you most like to see him paired with?"
Kara? Six? Racetrack? Apollo?

Vote now!

As for the previous poll, most people think that Cain will be killed and that her successor will free Helo and Tyrol (37%). A large portion believe that they'll be rescued by Galactica's marines (23%) or that the cylons will attack, crippling the Pegasus and allowing them to escape (20%).

Full results in pretty graph form:


  1. Tough poll! I voted Racetrack, but I'd also like to see him with Kara and I'm writing that fic of him with Six. ACK!

  2. sbabe, you're writing Six fic? *smiles winningly*

    meesh, the Chief? I'll keep that in mind if I do another poll. ;)