Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tahmoh in Sandra Goes to Whistler (2005)

According to IMDB, Tahmoh will play "Conrad" in this six-minute comedic short film, commissioned by the 2005 Whistler Film Festival:

Sandra goes to Whistler for a one night stand to heal her broken heart but the next morning things get complicated when she learns that her Whistler lover actually lives in her building in Vancouver!
Sofia K Productions in coordination with Story Craft Pictures is producing "Sandra Goes to Whistler" to screen at this year's Whistler Film Festival, which will be from December 1st to 4th, 2005. So anyone in the Vancouver-area could go to see the film!
Whistler Stories is a legacy program for the Whistler area in advance of the 2010 Whistler Olympic and Paralympic Games. Slated to run annually until 2010, a jury will select four projects per year to receive a commission of $5,000 to create a short film (approximately five minutes in length) which must be based on stories from Whistler and surrounding areas, including the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.
The movie follows up on the earlier Sandra Gets Dumped (2005):
This is a comedy about being dumped. Sandra's boyfriend's gone up north for a job so she's putting together a care package for him and making a video letter to send with it. Everything in the video short is Sandra addressing the camera for this "letter." After she puts everything into the package, she holds up the love letter he left for her that she's been saving to read on camera. As she reads, she's devastated to see that it's actually a "Dear Jane" letter. He's banging their neighbor in Vegas. First comes shock, then denial and we watch as Sandra goes through the seven stages of grief dealing with being dumped: shock, denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance.
Apparently Sandra Goes to Whistler features a line-dancing scene at a lesbian convention. From zinecat.com:
Ladies! Do you like a party? Do you like to dance? Come be an extra for our big line dancing party scene, shooting Sunday, October 30th, for the hilarious sequel, 'Sandra Goes to Whistler'. If you liked the Crazy8s short film, "Sandra Gets Dumped" you'll love the sequel also known as "Sandra Gets Laid".
From singer-songwriter Fiona Lehn's website, we find this bit of news:
'Every Bit is You,' another song from Lehn's soon-to-be-released CD, will be featured in a new short film entitled "Sandra Goes to Whistler," by Vancouver writer/director Tracy D. Smith.

'Every Bit is You' is a crush parody with an over-the-top cyber metaphor that will have computer geeks (and not so geeky geeks) chuckling as they boogie on down the line -- the line dance, that is. The song will be showcased in a bar scene line dance at a lesbian convention in Whistler. Oh yes -- The fun has just begun!
Listen to clips of some of Lehn's other music.
(Unfortunately not one of "Every Bit is You".)

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