Monday, December 05, 2005

"Inside Battlestar Galactica," Sci-Fi Magazine article

Tahmoh is quoted and appears in several photos in the Sci-Fi magazine's February 2006 issue (released a bit early, no?). reedfem has posted scans of the article, which you can find here.

If you're just interested in the Tahmoh pics and quote about how Baltar and Helo would get along, you can visit Northern Lights.

In the online transcript of the interviews, Moore had this to say regarding Helo:

Q: Are there any plans to further develop the secondary characters (e.g., Dualla, Tyrol, Helo, Cally, etc.)? It seems like the emphasis thus far has been on the big seven, and it would be nice to have a change in that regard.

Ronald D. Moore: We are doing more with all of the characters you've mentioned in the second half of the season and I think you'll find they're all going in some interesting (and unexpected) directions.

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