Thursday, December 15, 2005

New poll on Helo's backstory, plus earlier results

Well the poll on Helo's backstory has proved to be the most popular yet (263 votes!), so I'm continuing the theme this week. The new questions are a bit more specific about Helo's family, based on what the majority of people thought.

Most people believe that Helo had brothers and sisters, though a large number also think he only had sisters... so:

- Is Helo the oldest child? Youngest? Middle?
- Does he have an older brother? Older sister? Younger sister?

Finally, who do you think raised him? Was he raised by both his parents? His mom? Was he adopted?

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Most people think Karl is a dog person.

The majority also feel strongly that he was a bit of a player:

He's had alot of girlfriends, but none serious until Sharon.

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