Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tahmoh in "Dark Angel" (2002)

After much debate, a consensus has perhaps been reached as to which cop Tahmoh played in "Dark Angel". You can judge for yourself in new screen caps posted over at Northern Lights.

Dark Angel (2002) - N.D. Cop #1 in "Freak Nation" (2.21)

The Season Two finale, "Freak Nation", was a special 90-minute episode directed by show co-creator James Cameron (of Terminator and Titanic fame). White has decided to call in the Phalanx, a highly-trained combat unit belonging to the Familiars. Meanwhile, Joshua and Mole (Brian Jensen), a human-reptile hybrid, venture out of Terminal City to help one of Max's transgenic siblings, who is seeking refuge and about to give birth.

When a traffic accident forces them to go on foot, they attract attention (Hey, it's a seven-foot dog-boy and a cigar-smoking lizard-man!). Desperate, they end up in a hostage standoff at Jam Pony, the courier service that employs Max and two of her transgenic siblings - including Alec (Jensen Ackles). Eventually even Logan is involved and tensions mount as White arrives and "inserts" himself between the police and Max's posse, disguising the Phalanx as a special squad "on loan from another department."
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