Monday, January 30, 2006

New plot details for Trapped Ashes

Thanks to, new plot details have emerged for Tahmoh's new film, Trapped Ashes. It sounds like Tahmoh's role of "young Leo" will be quite substantial.

"Leo" played by John Saxon is an "over-the-hill screenwriter of B-pictures, 74" who is trapped inside an infamous "House of Horror" with 6 other strangers during a Hollywood movie studio tour, who are forced to tell their most terrifying personal stories to get out alive. So it seems the movie will mostly consist of flashbacks, one of them being to "young Leo."

Episode 3 -- "Stanley's Girlfriend"
Director: Monte Hellman

In Hollywood, 1957, two ambitious young filmmakers become unlikely friends: Leo (Tahmoh Penikett), writer of sadistic little B-pictures like "The Strangler," and a soon-to-be-famous director named Stanley (Tygh Runyan). They find they share a passion for photography, jazz -- and chess. During all-night chess matches, the two men open their creative souls to each other. Nothing could come between them -- until the day Stanley shows up with a mysterious beatnik girlfriend, Nina. There's something ancient and modern about her, some indefinable, irresistible quality that drives Stanley half-mad with desire, turning his back on his work, his films, his friend Leo.

After a long silence, Leo receives an invitation to play chess one afternoon -- but when he arrives at the apartment, he finds Stanley has left town on a film project, leaving girlfriend Nina behind. Leo can't resist tasting the forbidden fruit, even if it means betraying his best friend Stanley. But he soon discovers that Nina's love comes with its own terrible price to pay ...
More about the other 3 episodes and the story's setup.


  1. I'm still having a hard time getting past Tahmoh@6'3" and John Saxon@5'10"... ;)

  2. He's a shrunken 74 year old man? I doubt it'll be that noticeable because they'll never appear on screen together.

  3. I must say of the 4 stories it definitely sounds like Tahmoh got the best one..the other 3 had me laughing.