Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Tahmoh Interview in BSG magazine #3

Tahmoh's interview with Sharon Gosling, "Helo of a Time," in the new issue of the Battlestar Galactica magazine is now available on newstands!

In the interview, he discusses Helo's journey in Season 2, from the confrontation with Lee in "Home, Part 1" to his fight with Tyrol in "Flight of the Phoenix." It's a great read.

Thanks to un4scene for scanning the interview!

Read more interviews with Tahmoh here.


  1. You are the BEST for putting these articles up for us!

  2. You're welcome! Of course, thanks for this article should totally go to un4scene who found the magazine and scanned the article for us. I haven't found a copy yet!

  3. We Helo lovers are in heaven! Thanks for all the luv, Justine!

  4. It's so all about me. *giggle*

    If you still have problems let me know, I can pick it up at the Borders here!

  5. Thanks un4scene! I definitely appreciate both you AND Justine!