Saturday, January 07, 2006

Picture of Tahmoh in Entertainment Weekly

Thanks to un4scene for spotting Tahmoh in this week's Entertainment Weekly. Nice to see Tahmoh getting some national exposure.

See more press clippings over at Northern Lights!


  1. How could you not put his cheekbones in your poll?!?!

  2. Sometimes I have to remind you I'm not perfect? I was left to devise the poll all by my self? Where were you to help me? :)

    I added them! Feel free to re-vote.

  3. I had to go with his nobility and morality. The fact that he was willing to give up his seat back on Caprica clinched it for me. That plus what he and Tyrol did for Sharon.

  4. It was freaky, I flipped right to that page on the elevator.

    Oh, and what about his elven-like pointy ears for the poll? ;)