Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another new interview with Tahmoh in Dreamwatch

Dreamwatch #138 (now available in the UK) features an interview with Tahmoh, as well as one with Jamie Bamber. Sci-fi Pulse has published excerpts.

One of the underlying themes of Helo and Boomer’s relationship as with any is the Trust issue; she lied to him on Cylon Occupied Caprica about her true nature, yet as the story developed so did a bond of trust between them, but are there any doubts?

“We’ve gotten to the point in the second season where he has to, but there is always a doubt there,” he confirms. “How can we really emphasise with this character? It is like living in the United States, losing family in September 11, and then finding out your wife, the one you are in love with, is an Al Qaeda operative. As an actor, I made choices so that what it really comes down to is having someone you love betray you and it is even more complicated because of circumstances, like having a baby.”
Read the rest of the interview excerpts.

(Warning: Interviews are spoilery for the end of S2).

Anyone have the full interview? Please let me know.

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