Wednesday, March 08, 2006

BSG Season 3 premiere... in October?

Now Playing Magazine is reporting that the third season of Battlestar Galactica won't premiere until October:

"October 2006 is the date, which means we’ll be going seven long months without new Galactica."
*weeps softly*

Helo reacts to the news:

Couldn't they have waited to announce this news for one more day? It's 50,000th visitor day! Grr...

ETA: The sad news is confirmed by Gateworld.


  1. Justine - there's no need to weep yet. Hit them at Replace the AT with an @ obviously.

    Be polite, be articulate and stress that this is the move that killed off Farscape also. HBO can only get away with such long series breaks because they have swearing, nudity, etc.

    Remind them that we are a fanbase that purchases merchandise.

    Let's not take this lying down! Michael Shanks was brought back to SG1 in part because the internet fans organized a campaign. Universal had to hire a separate PR firm to handle the outcry.

    Farscape got a movie because of the dedication of fans that were able to organize media blitzs.

    It's worth a shot because this move frankly is truly stupid. The network and studio needs to know that it is being viewed as such.

    Also, Gateworld has been wrong before. Take heart.

    ::::passes virtual tissues:::: but just in case? Fans need to organize and give it our best shot!

  2. Hiya,

    That's some good advice.

    I'm not actually worried about the show being cancelled or anything like that. I'm just sad because I'd like to see the episodes sooner.

    But maybe they'll show all 20 at once without a mid-season break. That'd be nice.

    *is hopeful*


  3. To me, it seems odd that they begin filming for Season 3 in April and then do not begin showing episodes until the fall. My gut reaction from living in close proximity to the LA film/tv industry for almost 20 years is that the season will begin earlier than Oct. Since they frequently touch upon "real" issues, episodes sitting in the can for so long might lose their punch.