Saturday, March 11, 2006

IGN interviews Grace Park

Grace Park speaks about being cast as Boomer, the challenges of playing Sharon, working with Tahmoh and her acting method in a new interview with IGN Filmforce.

IGN interviews Grace Park

IGNFF: Is it fun having two different love interests on the show?

PARK: Hell yeah! It's like, "Oh, who am I making out with today?!" Tahmoh [Tahmoh Penikett, "Helo"] calls me the Cylon hussy. And Aaron [Aaron Douglas, "Chief Tyrol"] just calls me the Cylon slut.

IGNFF: How do you work yourself up for big explosive scenes, like when you smashed your head into the window of your jail cell?

PARK: That was the one that I was resisting. I was thinking, I don't know what they're going to do, because I'm not going to do that. With that, luckily we had a great stunt double that stepped in for me for the hit itself. But what was different with that scene was that I had put the more heavy substitution, the more method stuff, sort of on the shelf.

And that one I was doing a bit more improv with Tahmoh. And it came really improvisationally. And thank goodness Tahmoh was really into it, because the scene started and I refused to get heavy at first. I was looking at him and making goofy faces through the glass. And he just kept staring at me, and his eyes were watery, and it got me right away, every time.
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