Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New BSG novel: The Cylon's Secret

This prequel novel by sci-fi author Craig Shaw Gardner (see his bibliography) will explore the backstories of three of Galactica's crew. Now it'd be really interesting to find out about Helo's backstory, though I imagine the novel probably focuses on the older crew like Adama and Tigh.

According to the author's blog, the manuscript is done:

"With something as suspenseful and tightly written as GALACTICA, I was a bit worried that I'd step on some taboo that I didn't even realize existed. So I was pleasantly surprised when the folks from the show let me know they had only one small problem with the manuscript (it had to do with the Cylons, natch) which I was able to correct by changing one word! So the manuscript is finished. Done, I tell you! Wending its way through the publishing process."
Amazon has it scheduled for release this August:

Thanks to Andrew at The CIC for this discovery. See his original post.

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