Friday, March 17, 2006

Poll Results: When will Helo learn the truth about Hera?

After episode 218, "Downloaded," the poll asked when will Helo and Sharon discover their child is still alive. A quarter of people thought it'd be before the end of Season 2, though that didn't prove to be true.

A fifth think that they'll learn about Hera at the beginning of Season 2, but the majority (35%) thinks it'll be the end of the third season. 13% think it won't happen until Season 4 or beyond and 7% think they'll never find out.

Of course, in retrospect, the phrasing was a bit vague as "the truth about Hera" could be all manner of things. Helo and Sharon could easily discover Hera was still alive without knowing where she is or who is caring for her... sounds like a new poll for the coming months.

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