Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ron Moore posts new Q & A to his blog

Over at, BSG executive producer and writer Ron Moore answered some fan questions.

"My question concerns Sharon's pregnancy. We know Helo is the father. Is Sharon the mother? That is, did Hera come from Sharon's egg, or were the eggs implanted in her from a human source? If so, isn't she just a surrogate womb and the Cylons don't really reproduce at all? Therefore the baby would still be totally human. If not, then how the heck did they manage to make her fertile, as female humans are *born* with all their eggs."

My assumption has been that the Cylons created Sharon's eggs and presumably the eggs for all Cylon females. This could change, obviously, but the idea was that the Cylons were attempting to create a virtually perfect replica of the human form, right down to the reproductive system, but that they had been unable to actually reproduce on their own.
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