Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ron Moore's Q & A at Grand Slam

On March 12th, Galactica executive producer and writer Ron Moore spoke at Creation Entertainment’s Grand Slam Scifi Summit convention. Sam's Sister from the Pegasus Galaxy Forums was there. She wrote up a lengthy report and even scored an interview with Moore after the event.

Ron Moore - Convention notes and photos

Ron Moore - Interview
Spoilers for next season appear sporadically, though none specifically Helo-related.

The Great Link links to another report from Grand Slam that's worth checking out. Moore had this to say about the October premiere:
Fans really weren't so upset about the season finale as they were about the late start for the next season: October. "That was a network decision," Moore said, which he supports — "instead of rushing us back on the air in July like we did last season. To take a little more time in the production phase... And also build a little more anticipation."

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